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Toronto born and Waterloo based, JP passes his time crafting his own brand of pop music. His songwriting catalogue is thick, spanning over two decades with influences from a range of various genres. Previously recognized as one of Canada's top independent artists, JP is currently recording his debut full-length album, due for release in 2021.

Hey folks, real talk here.

First thing's first. YOU, being here (and even reading any of this), means a GREAT deal to me. So from the bottom of my heart, thank YOU. 

Creating music brings me immense joy. I was actively playing in and around the Toronto area just before and after the turn of the millennium, writing music for myself and even some for other (dope!) artists. Around that time, I had put out a small EP/Demo and had some lo-fi videos online (MySpace yo!). I always knew I wanted to put out a proper full-length album but always felt I could to that at ANY time.

Marriage and kids flooded my life with countless blessings and changed my life for the better, but ultimately (and not purposely) put my music on a back burner. I now have a million reasons why NOT to pursue a full-length album. Time and money are the obvious front runners of all those excuses. And although I'm not actively trying to pursue a music career at this point in my life, that little voice in me has become so loud that I simply cannot ignore it. So I've decided to go against all odds and sensibility and finally fulfill that life-long dream of mine.

Time to get to work!


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